News & Events

(Report) Mini-Symposium "Global Security ~ Countermeasures against the crisis in the near future" (July.27, 2018)
KGRI Lecture Series: (Aug.3, 2018) #2
"Implantable microdevices for healthcare"
KGRI Lecture Series: (Aug.3, 2018) #1
"Injectable biopolymers for cell and drug delivery in the central nervous system"
(Report) Cyber Civilization Research Center Kick-off Event (July.18, 2018)
KGRI Lecture Series: (Jul.19, 2018)
"Superhydrophobic Coatings Overview"
(Report) KGRI Lecture Series: (Apr.12, 2018)
"Development and Controlling Materials' Surface Functionality by Laser Micro/Nano 3D Structuring"
Publication of "China and Japan in the Global Economy," a Book by KGRI Members
"Digital Platforms as Mediators for the Construction of Platform Imperialism" Talk (July.10, 2018)
Keio Global Research Institute (KGRI) Concludes an Agreement with Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University to Promote Joint Research
"The Abe Administration and Social (Re)Action" Student Workshop (May.24, 2018)