News & Events

KGRI Lecture Series: (Feb.20, 2018)
"Ageing, Health, and the Environment: From Research to Practice and Policy" *Change of venue
APRU Population Aging Program Migrates to Keio University
KGRI Lecture Series: (Jan.18, 2018)
"State-dependent changes in astrocytic functions"
KGRI Lecture Series: (Jan. 26, 2018) #2
"Key Technologies and Challenges in 5G Networks: Reduction of Complexity for Resource Allocation in Massive MIMO"
KGRI Lecture Series: (Jan. 26, 2018) #1
"Communications over Fading Channels: Past, Present and Future"
KGRI Lecture Series: (Jan.11, 2018)
"Engineering Approaches of Medical Images" *Change of venue
(Report) Longevity Cluster Symposium
"Living to 100: Health and Happiness in an Era of Longevity" (Dec, 14. 2017)
A Book by a KGRI Guest Institute Member, "U.S. Pacific Command", Has been Published
KGRI Lecture Series: (Dec.18, 2017)
"Surface acoustic wave microfluidics for biomedical applications"
KGRI Lecture Series: (Dec.7, 2017)
"Global Cybercrime Threat Landscape: INTERPOL's Effort in Combatting Cybercrime"*This lecture has been cancelled due to the personal circumstances of the speaker.