(Decision on successful applicant) AY 2019 KGRI Startup Research Grant


On Wednesday, June 12, 2019, the final assessment (open hearing) for those who had passed the preliminary screening for the KGRI Startup Research Grant was held at the G-Lab on the 6th floor of the East Research Building on Mita Campus.
(Japanese language only)

Following deliberations, the successful candidate has been finalized as below:
"A global network for experimental music cognition"
Patrick Savage,
Project Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies,

Scene from the presentation

Comment by the successful candidate:
"I am thrilled to receive this startup award from KGRI. This will provide key resources my international collaborators and I need to collect pilot data and hold a workshop to develop our global network for experimental music cognition. This will help us to show external funding agencies and other interested organizations that our global network has the potential to become a world-leading resource. I think this will be the start of an important new chapter in interdisciplinary collaboration between the sciences and the humanities to understand cross-cultural diversity."

Patrick Savage