[News] "Error-Free POF" from KPRI (Director: Yasuhiro Koike) has been featured as one of the Highlight Physics Research selected by APS TV2023
[Information] Keio University IP Forum 2023 -Global Dispute Resolution and IP Strategies after Establishment of UPC- (March 28, 2023)
[Interview] KGRI Emergence from the Intersections Interview Series: Prof. Masato Yasui (School of Medicine) x Prof. Ippei Inoue (Faculty of Letters)
[Dialogue] Yasue Mitsukura × Masatoshi Kokubo: Considering the relationship between humans and technology from the perspective of "cognitive liberty"
[Information] Climate Change × Creative Learning: Me, You, and Each Other's Vision of Tomorrow SDGs Workshop (July 21-28, 2022) & Exhibition (July 29-30, 2022)
[Research Article] Frontotemporal EEG as potential biomarker for early MCI: a case-control study (BMC Psychiatry, 2022)
[Interview with Prof. Naoji Matsuhisa] What kind of future might we see in soft and stretchable electronics?
[Event report] Lecture on the production of the Tokyo 2020 podium by 3D printing and the new resource recycling concept "Leap Cycle" (TCT Conference in Formnext2021 November 16.2021)
[Press Release] The World's First Error-Free POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) Transmission ーThe All-in-One Solution for Data Transmission Energy Expenditure, Delays, and Costー
[Press Release] "Stand by me"? -120 Researchers Debate Music's Evolutionary Origins-