News & Events

[Video] KGRI Great Thinker Series: "The En-ROADS Climate Workshop" (January 23, 2024)
[News] CCRC Article: Hitomi Sano, Project Researcher Graduate School of Media and Governance
[Information] The shadow of the Attention Economy and "Informational Health"-- To create a wholesome speech space by comprehensive knowledge (March 26, 2024)
[Information] SEP (Standard Essential Patent) Global Workshop (March 18, 2024)
[Information] CPS Center: Digital Identity Study Group "Business and Identity"(March 7, 2024)
[News] CCRC Contributes to Interactive Volumetric Live Performance Between Sydney and Tokyo at the SIGGRAPH Asia 2023
[Event Report] Research Project Keio 2040: 2040 Quest ~Challengers to the Future~ in Minato Mirai (held on October 20-22, 2023)
[Information] CPS Center: Digital Identity Study Group "Withdrawal of Consent" (January 27, 2024)
[Information] CCRC - The En-ROADS Climate Workshop(January 23, 2024)
[Video] KGRI Lecture Series: "Patent Systems and Patent Offices - Tasks and Incentives"