[EVENT REPORT] Thinking about dark patterns, services designed to deceive people --- Special lecture on "The technologies of dark patterns and the ethical issues they induce" (Hosted on June 17, 2021)
8th Keio-Stanford Webinar (March 25 (PDT) | March 26 (JST), 2022)
[Event report] 7th Keio-Stanford Webinar (held on January 22, 2022)
[ONLINE WEBINAR] KGRI Research Project Keio 2040 Seminar : "Souvéraineté numérique : quels enjeux de l'application de traçage des contacts ?" (March 3, 2022)
[ONLINE WEBINAR] KGRI 2040 "Extending Healthy Life Expectancy Project" Symposium : "Global aging, Healthy aging -Where we are and where we are going-" (February 28, 2022)
CCRC International Conference 2022: Towards a Cyber Civilization - Risks and Opportunities
7th Keio-Stanford Webinar (January 21 (PST) | January 22 (JST), 2022)
[Event report] Lecture on the production of the Tokyo 2020 podium by 3D printing and the new resource recycling concept "Leap Cycle" (TCT Conference in Formnext2021 November 16.2021)
[ONLINE WEBINAR] KGRI2040 "Platform & 2040 Problem" Project Symposium : CCRC/KGRI2040/JST Joint Event "The Change of Media and Democracy in the Digital Society" (December 20, 2021)
[Event report] 6th Keio-Stanford Webinar (held on November 6, 2021)