KGRI Lecture Series: (Apr.12, 2018)
"Development and Controlling Materials' Surface Functionality by Laser Micro/Nano 3D Structuring"
KGRI Lecture Series: (Mar.22, 2018)
"Fake images: should you believe what you see?"
"Hints for living in a super-aging society" (Mar.5, 2018)
KGRI Lecture Series: "Leading Social Change - Lessons on How to Win from the US Freedom to Marry Campaign" (Mar.9, 2018)
"Keio TGU Creative Cluster International Symposium on Co-evolving Cyber Physical Systems" (Mar.10, 2018)
KGRI Symposium: (Mar.9-10, 2018)
"Society 5.0, The Future of Space, and SoS Engineering"
KGRI Symposium: (Mar.2, 2018)
"Security in Asia and U.S. Pacific Command"
KGRI Lecture Series: (Feb.20, 2018)
"Ageing, Health, and the Environment: From Research to Practice and Policy" *Change of venue
KGRI Lecture Series: (Jan.18, 2018)
"State-dependent changes in astrocytic functions"
KGRI Lecture Series: (Jan. 26, 2018) #2
"Key Technologies and Challenges in 5G Networks: Reduction of Complexity for Resource Allocation in Massive MIMO"