[Information] The 2nd CCRC Medical and Health DX Seminar "Technology for Medicine and Health" (October 11, 2022)
[Information] KGRI 2040 International Symposium "Is health distributed equally? -Global aging, Healthy aging-" (October 20, 2022)
[Information] 12th International Cybersecurity Symposium "Creating Trusted Cybersecurity Actions for the Social, Economic, and National Security Domains" (October 13-14, 2022)
[Information] The 10th Keio-Stanford Webinar (September 30 (PDT) | October 1 (JST), 2022)
[Event Report] 9th Keio-Stanford Webinar (held on July 23, 2022)
[Event Report] Medical and Health DX Seminar (July 4, 2022)
[Video] KGRI Great Thinker Series: "How Can and Should the Platforms be Governed?: Assessment of EU Digital Services/Markets Acts" - Prof Lawrence Lessig (June 24, 2022)
[Information] Climate Change × Creative Learning: Me, You, and Each Other's Vision of Tomorrow SDGs Workshop (July 21-28, 2022) & Exhibition (July 29-30, 2022)
[Video] KGRI Lecture Series: Characterizing roles of Palmitoyl-protein Thioesterase 1 in Developmental Plasticity and CLN1 disease (May 9, 2022)
[Information] 9th Keio-Stanford Webinar (July 22 (PDT) | July 23 (JST), 2022)