[Information] Archive Online Symposium: Can Media Build the "Trust" in the Digital Society: Thinking through the "Trust Indicators"(Video to be released in June 2022)


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Archive Online Symposium
Can Media Build the "Trust" in the Digital Society: Thinking through the "Trust Indicators"

In contrast to the rapid growth of platform companies as 'rulers' of the network space, newspapers, television and other old media have long been suffering to be in decline. In this digital age, attempts have begun around the world to 'rate and evaluate' various media based on certain indicators as a new method of building 'trust' with readers and viewers. In this symposium, we will discuss "How is it possible to build 'trust'?" from multiple perspectives, based on the question of "Why have these indicators been adopted?", while learning from practical examples from overseas initiatives.

Due to the time differences between Japan, the UK and the US, this event will be published publicly as an archived video afterward. You can share your comments or questions with our speakers via the 'Registration Form' below. They will be discussed during the panel discussion.

To be published on KGRI Website in June 2022

Language: English/Japanese (with simultaneous interpretation)
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Prof. Masato Yasui (School of Medicine & KGRI director)
Kazuya Matsumoto (Journalist, KGRI Guest Institute Member)
・Sally Lehrman (Santa Clara University, The Trust Project, Founder and Chief Executive)
・Dr. Benjamin Toff (Oxford University Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Trust in News project, Senior Fellow and Leader)
・Daisuke Furuta (Journalist, Founder of media-collab.inc)
・Yasunobu Kumada (Slow News Senior Contents Producer)
・Hal Seki (Code for Japan, Founder & Director)
・Prof. Tatsuhiko Yamamoto (Law School & KGRI Deputy Director)
・Masako Wakae (The Yomiuri Shimbun, Senior Writer)
Moderator: Kazuya Matsumoto (Journalist, KGRI Guest Institute Member)

About the Speakers
・Sally Lehrman found and leads "The trust project", an international collaboration that created the first transparency standard to strengthen public confidence in the news through accountability and transparency. Together with major news organizations to form the consortium, it proposed a set of eight "trust indicators" to oversee and scale among the newsrooms around the world. More than 100 online news platforms are adopting this digital standard.
・Benjamin Toff leads the "Trust in News project" that focuses on research related to issues around public trust in digital news and publishes regular research reports. Its goal is to understand what drives trust for audiences in different contexts and propose evidence-based recommendations for publishers and platforms. The project also conducts international comparative research.

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