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『The Origins of the Modern Japanese Bureaucracy』が刊行
【インタビュー】大西公平教授 「ハプティクス」な技術が抱く、分野を超えた可能性
KGRI Lecture Series:(2019.11.13開催)
"The Future of Internet Governance"
KGRI Lecture Series:(2019.11.12開催)
"Visual motion processing: cell types, circuits, and disease"
【開催報告】The 10th APRU Population Aging Conference A New Paradigm in the Era of the 100-year Life Span: The Search for Social and Scientific Solutions
KGRI Lecture Series:(2019.10.18開催)
" IP3 receptor/Ca2+ channel: from its discovery to a new paradigm in health and disease"