[Event report] Lecture on the production of the Tokyo 2020 podium by 3D printing and the new resource recycling concept "Leap Cycle" (TCT Conference in Formnext2021 November 16.2021)


On November 16, 2021, Ryohei Yuasa (Project Research Associate, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Digital Manufacturing and Design Research Center for Emergent Circularity) and Soya Eguchi (master's student, Graduate School of Media and Governance) gave an invited lecture on the development and production of Olympic/Paralympic podiums at the TCT conference at Formnext 2021, the world's largest Additive Manufacturing related technology exhibition, held in Frankfurt, Germany. Although it was under strict rules called the German 2G rule under the Covid19 pandemic, the exhibition and conference was the first offline event since 2019, so speakers and participants from all over the world had an enthusiastic exchange of ideas.

In this lecture, Mr. Yuasa and Mr. Eguchi detailed the three key elements of the project to create the first ever Olympic/Paralympic podium made of "post-consumer recycled materials collected by citizens": "material sorting and modification," "design data creation," and "mass production of 7000 parts by 3D printing. In the later part of the lecture, he talked about the activities of Digital Manufacturing and Design Research Center for Emergent Circularity, which was launched after the podium project, and mentioned the new concept of resource recycling, "Leap Cycle". The lecture ended with a presentation of the future vision of resource recycling that is being pursued by the " Co-Creative innovation platform toward Digital-Driven Leaped Circular Society" (a project adopted by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) COI-NEXT (Program on open innovation platform for industry academia co-creation)), which began in November 2021.

"How to create a Resource Recycling Society" was the main theme throughout the exhibition and conference, this lecture attracted a lot of attention, and Mr.Yuasa was invited as an expert panelist to the Formnext Digital Days (held online November 30-December 1, 2021), the after-event of the entire exhibition and conference.

The awareness of the issue of waste in the manufacturing sector is strong in Europe as well, and is becoming more and more important theme. The Japanese approach to resource recycling and the concept of the "Leap Cycle" was received a lot of positive responses.
As a result of this lecture, we have begun to discuss the establishment of an international cooperative system with the companies and university researchers we met at the conference. It was a worthwhile opportunity for future research and for the co-creation of a resource-recycling society.

■TCT conference at Formnext 2021/11/16 Lecture
Making the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic 3D Printing Podium - The process of 3D printing mass products from post consumer recycled materials

■Formnext Digital Days 2021/11/30 Panel Discussion
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