6th Keio-Stanford Webinar (November 6, 2021)


Advanced BioScience Webinar for Drug, Device Development

[6th Webinar: Frontiers of molecular cell biology and its implementation in society]

Date and Time: November 5, 2021 5:00-6:30PM (PDT) / November 6, 2021 9:00-10:30AM (JST)
Organized by:Stanford School of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine and Keio University School of Medicine, Department of Physiology
Co-sponsored by: KGRI, Keio University Yagami Data Security Lab, Life Science Innovation Network Japan (LINK-J), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

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[6th Webinar Invited Speakers]

1. Personal Regulome Navigation
Howard Y. Chang, MD, PhD.
Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Professor of Cancer Research, Stanford University School of Medicine / Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

2. Corneoptosis, functional cell death of keratinocytes
Masayuki Amagai, MD, PhD.
Vice President for Research, Keio University / Professor and Chair, Department of Dermatology, Keio University School of Medicine

3. The structure and dynamics of a human gene regulatory network
Minoru S.H. Ko, MD, PhD
Professor, Department of Systems Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine

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