Keio-Cologne Joint Symposium on "Aging & Longevity" (May.29-31, 2019)
Security in Society 5.0: Possibilities and Pitfalls (Apr.23, 2019)
Writing Projects Aimed at Journal Publications
(Report) KGRI Great Thinker Series: "Cyber Civilization: Prologue "
KGRI Great Thinker Series: "Cyber Civilization: Prologue " (Dec.7, 2018)
KGRI Lecture Series: (Nov.14, 2018)
"Volumetric imaging of whole-tumors reveals cancer malignancy"
KGRI Lecture Series: (Sep.21, 2018)
"The Emergence of Tau in our Understanding of Frontotemporal Dementia."
【For all Keio Undergraduate Students】Call for Student Essays on Cyber Civilization (-11/15)
(Report) Cyber Civilization Research Center Kick-off Event (July.18, 2018)
Keio-APRU Population Ageing Hub Longevity Initiative-
High-Level Policy Discussion Meeting on Challenges Posed by a Rapidly Ageing Society with Dr. Victor J Dzau, President, United States National Academy of Medicine - (Apr.14, 2018)