(Report) Cyber Civilization Research Center Kick-off Event (July.18, 2018)


The Cyber Civilization Research Center (CCRC) Kickoff & Reception was successfully hosted at the G-lab in Mita Campus, on July 18, 2018. The event started with President Haseyama's speech welcoming the arrival of Professor David Farber, a distinguished leader in the field, as the Co-Director of CCRC.

President Haseyama reiterated that the Center is Keio University Global Research Institute (KGRI)'s flagship initiative, aimed at understanding and navigating the unique development of information technologies to benefit humankind.

In Professor David Farber's keynote speech on "What is Cyber Civilization? What are the obstacles & challenges of getting there?", he recognized that the current civilization is changing and transitioning into a new mode of civilization - cyber civilization. There is a new set of core technologies, core wealth, and governance mechanism to be developed, which require all the stakeholders to consider and be ready for both emerging opportunities and threats.

Professor Jun Murai, who is the other co-director of CCRC, and Project Assistant Professor Danit Gal responded with examples demonstrating the positive and adverse effects of rapid digitalization on existing governance, economic, societal, and technological structures and planning.

The keen participation of attendees in the open floor session also stimulated discussions on the roles of different stakeholders, especially regarding the need to enhance awareness and accountability in the age of cyber civilizations.

Welcoming from President Haseyama

Professor David Farber

50 Guests from different industries

20180718-4.jpg(L-R) Professor Jiro Kokuryo, Professor David Farber, Professor Jun Murai, Assistant Professor Danit Gal

Video (Part1)
Video (Part2)