(Report) Mini-Symposium "Global Security ~ Countermeasures against the crisis in the near future" (July.27, 2018)


In the schedule of July 27, 2018 in 10: 00-12: 00, the Mini Symposium was held at the North Building Conference Room 2.

We discussed from the viewpoint of vaccine, diagnostic, global security concerning international infectious diseases. Now are in a crisis situation.

On the vaccine, both the productivity and vaccine development technology became fragile in Japan's technical capability, suggesting that pharmaco-political reasons such as pharmaceutical affairs laws based on. In diagnosis, development of high sensitive rapid diagnostic method is important for preventing the spread of international infectious diseases, and as the importance of high sensitivity rapid diagnosis case would be Lamp method for Ebola virus.

In addition, it was recognized that the Hashimoto Initiative, which has little awareness in Japan but is evaluated clearly in the global health security, and at the same time international cooperation is indispensable at the viewpoint of international security, and we recognized what should we do.

Dr. Yokote talks about fragility of vaccine technology in Japan.

Prof. Yasuda talks that rapid diagnostic technique with high sensitivity would play important role in countermeasure against international infections.

Prof. Aoki talks about important role of the law of nations against international infections.

Associate Prof. Maehira talks about social science on countermeasure against international infections.