"U.S. Pacific Command and Asia: Security in the 'Indo-Pacific", Has been Published


A book titled "U.S. Pacific Command and Asia: Security in the 'Indo-Pacific'" (Chikura Publishing Company) edited by Motohiro Tsuchiya, vice director of the Keio University Global Research Institute (KGRI), has been published."

This book presents the outcomes of the KGRI Security Initiative project "Security System in Asia Pacific," which was undertaken in close collaboration with the East-West Center, a think tank based in Hawaii, USA.

Shortly before its publication, the US Pacific Command was renamed the US Indo-Pacific Command. The book discusses how the security provisions taken on by the US Indo-Pacific Command in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific coast region, which includes Japan and the Korean peninsula, are linked with the security of each nation.


S17-01 The Military and Democracy in Asia and the Pacific: Adaptability, Resilience and Stability "Security System in Asia Pacific" Project
Project Leader: Motohiro Tsuchiya (e-mail ↓)