KGRI Lecture Series: (2018.3.22開催)
KGRI Lecture Series: 社会変革を導く「すべての米国市民のための婚姻の自由」キャンペインから学ぶ<変革を勝ち取るための教訓>(2018.3.9開催)
"Keio TGU Creative Cluster International Symposium on Co-evolving Cyber Physical Systems" (2018.3.10開催)
"Society 5.0, The Future of Space, and SoS Engineering" (2018.3.9-10開催)
KGRI Lecture Series: (2018.2.20開催)
"Ageing, Health, and the Environment: From Research to Practice and Policy ―高齢化, 健康, そして環境:研究から実践, 政策に向けて―"※会場変更あり
KGRI Lecture Series: (2018.1.18開催)
"State-dependent changes in astrocytic functions"
KGRI Lecture Series: (2018.1.26開催) #2
"Key Technologies and Challenges in 5G Networks: Reduction of Complexity for Resource Allocation in Massive MIMO"