[News] "Error-Free POF" from KPRI (Director: Yasuhiro Koike) has been featured as one of the Highlight Physics Research selected by APS TV2023
[Online Course] CCRC Co-Director, Jun Murai served as lead educator of a new course titled "Understanding the Internet" now available on FutureLearn
[Working Paper] How Can and Should the Platforms be Governed? Assessment of EU Digital Services/Markets Acts (Lawrence Lessig and Jiro Kokuryo)
[Interview] KGRI Emergence from the Intersections Interview Series: Prof. Masato Yasui (School of Medicine) x Prof. Ippei Inoue (Faculty of Letters)
[Press Release] ARENA-PAC Indonesia Segment starts to be operated as a new high-speed path to institutions connected via IDREN
[Publication] U.S. Indo-Pacific Command: Implications for East Asia
[Press Release] ARENA-PAC Signed Agreement to Enhance Collaboration with Philippines' National Research and Education Network
[Announcement] Appointment of New KGRI Director and Deputy Directors
[Press Release] Agreement to Enhance Japan-Indonesia Research and Education Network Collaboration Signed
[Research Article] Probing the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Oxytocin in the Brain Tissue Using a Simple Peptide Alkyne-Tagging Approach (Analytical Chemistry, August 25, 2022)