(WEB)Ukraine conflict risks uncontrollable escalation of cyberwarfare(D.ファーバー教授)
【論文紹介】Glymphatic system clears extracellular tau and protects from tau aggregation and neurodegeneration
【学内限定】2022年度 KGRIスタートアップ研究補助金(募集)
【学内限定】2022年度 KGRIプレ・スタートアップ研究補助金(募集)
【論文紹介】High-frequency and intrinsically stretchable polymer diodes
【論文紹介】Long-term selective stimulation of transplanted neural stem/progenitor cells for spinal cord injury improves locomotor function
【論文紹介】Flexibly Deformable Collagen Hydrogel Tube Reproducing Immunological Tissue Deformation of Blood Vessels as a Pharmacokinetic Testing Model
【論文紹介】Chronic social defeat stress impairs goal-directed behavior through dysregulation of ventral hippocampal activity in male mice