Research Project Keio 2040 (Longevity): Extending Healthy Life Expectancy Project: Establishment of the "KGRI role model for a healthy society with longevity"




This project aims to design a social architecture that interoperably links health care services that utilize various research seeds to achieve a healthy life expectancy in the super-aging population of 2040. We study the problem of realizing the healthcare system from various fields such as medicine, nursing, science and engineering, law, and economics and make proposals for solutions.



Project Members

About Project Members, Researchers

Note: ◎ indicates the project leader

◎ Masato Yasui School of Medicine Professor Pharmacology, Water channels
Masako Toriya KGRI Project Professor System design and management, Science technology and innovation policy, New business creation
Makoto Asai KGRI Project Professor Soft matter engineerring
Haluna Kawashima KGRI Project Associate Professor Constitutional law, Medical law
Jin Nakahara School of Medicine Professor Neurology, Neurotherapeutics, Neuroimmunology
Yasuhiro Kato KGRI Project Senior Assistant Professor Cell differentiation
Yasumichi Arai Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care Professor Geriatrics and gerontology, Epidemiology of healthy aging and longevity
Tsuyoshi Hirose Graduate School of System Design and Management Project Assistant Professor System design and management, Marketing, New business creation
Yasue Mitsukura Faculty of Science and Technology Professor Bio-signal processing, Intelligent informatics, Sensing, denoising, and feature extraction, Sleep engineering
Yoshiaki Fukami International Digital and Design Management, Tokyo University of Science/Keio Wellbeing Research Center Assistant Professor/Researcher Platform strategy, Standardization, Collaborative innovation
Tetsuya Toma Graduate School of System Design and Management Professor Program/project management and communication design for communities such as medical/health care, education or local resource utilization
Urara Satake Graduate School of System Design and Management Project Assistant Professor Systems design and management, Creation of weak ties among neighbors, Reciprocical social system, Subjective wellbeing in local communites, New business creation
Maki Fukuhara SDM Research Institute Researcher Medical policy, Nursing care policy, System design management, Organizational management, Diversity
Shingo Kawai SDM Research Institute Researcher Optical communications, Technology strategy in telecommunications industries, Innovation dynamics, and Application of ICT technologies to future smart cities/societies
Toshiharu Ikaga
Faculty of Science and Technology Professor Sustainable architectural environmental design engineering, Life cycle assessment (LCA), Comprehensive assessment system for built environment efficiency (CASBEE), Intellectual productivity, Mental and physical health
Shintaro Ando
Department of Architecture, The University of Kitakyushu Associate Professor Effect of thermal environment on health, Effect of community environment on physical activity
Hotaka Yonezawa
Smile Spirits Representative Sports analyzing coach, Performance analysis