2016 Projects

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L16-01 Longevity Establishment of Platform on Basic Technology for Aging Society Using Haptic Life Log Data
L16-02 Longevity To Structure Comprehensive Strategies Toward Aging, Combining Centenarian Bioresources, Drug Intervention and Pathogenetic Models of Cognitive Decline
L16-03 Longevity Positive and Normative Economic Analysis of Societies, Economies, and Aging-Related Technologies in Aged Societies
S16-01 Security The Military and Democracy in Asia and the Pacific: Adaptablility, Resilience and Stability
S16-02 Security Establishment and Application of Integrated Safety Design Methodology for Sociotechnical Systems to Realize their Safety
S16-03 Security Security, Risk Society and Media
C16-01 Creativity Creation of Co-evolutional Cyber-Physical Spaces
C16-02 Creativity Global Smart Society Creation Project Research
C16-03 Creativity The Creation of an Integrated Database for Bibliographical and Visual Analyses of Early Printing in Europe
C16-04 Creativity Development of Safe and Effective Near-infrared Laser System Adjuvanting Intradermal Vaccines
C16-05 Creativity Creation and Application of a Multilingual Search-capable Data Archive for Societies
C16-06 Creativity Quantum Community