2017 Endowed Courses

KGRI offers original courses that are funded by endowments. It aims to further enhance the research and educational activities at Keio Universtiy by creating opportunities to learn about practical knowledge and ideas from leading experts in fields related to the content of the endowed courses. *Click "+" to see details.

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Leadership Endowed Course: "Basics of Leadership"

Lecturer : Professor Jiro Tamura (Faculty of Law, Senior Institute Member of Keio University Global Research Institute)
Class Period & Day: 5th and 6th periods on Mondays (Spring Semester)

In the 21st century humankind has built an affluent society through globalization and technological innovation. On the other hand issues have become more complex, and society needs people who can come up with solutions. Especially in Japan, problems are piling up with low birthrates, population aging, and delay in responding to globalization. Our present society needs leaders who can generate solutions to problems for which there is no one right answer. This course invites guest lecturers from around the globe who have been involved in leadership education. Through lectures that emphasize discussion among the participants and a systematic approach to learning, it aims to develop global leaders that are needed highly sought after in today's world.