The Study for Structuring Countermeasures on International Relationship and Medical Defense Against Globalization of Infectious Diseases



Outbreak of Tropical Diseases such as Ebola, MERS, SARS, ZIKA Dengue fever shows these diseases would become global health threat. In addition, avian influenza is becoming a major problem in internationally, globalization of infectious diseases. Combined with suicide terrorism, these diseases make Bio-terrorism more easily, because it could solve the difficulty of Bio-terrorism in preparation. It would be combined with demolition of human beings. We would like to make clear about international cooperation to prevent these urgent risks by multidirectional analysis.

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Note: "◎" indicates the program chairperson.

◎AOKI, Setsuko Law School Professor International law
MIYATA, Yoshiyuki POLA Pharma Inc. Chief of Intellectual Property Group Global Health Security
HASEGAWA, Naoki(10/1-) School of Medicine Professor Infectious Diseases , Infection Control