Makoto Asai

Self-introduction message

Hello, everyone. From April 2021, I have began my post as a project professor at KGRI. My expertise is in the self-assembly phenomena of soft matter (a collective term for soft materials). Entropic interactions, caused by softness, are the key to solving the mysteries of various self-assemblies seen in biological phenomena. I aspire to create a new field of soft matter engineering by controlling these entropic interactions. I am currently undertaking a new research project called "Revolutionary and Interdisciplinary Soft Matter Integration (RISΣ)." Over 30 young scientists have come together for this project, which is one of the sub-projects for the Research Project Keio 2040 aiming to solve the national crisis problems that Japan will face in 2040. In the RISΣ project, we will be exploring solutions based on future cutting-edge technologies. This interdisciplinary team of young and talented scientists have already started discussing what kind of sustainable society Soft Matter technology will open up, under the concept of "Human-Machine Fusion/Symbiosis." We are already seeing a collision of talented and creative minds, generating new energies that may, one day, change the world.


Background and career
I was born in 1981. After earning my Ph.D. at Keio University in 2009, I went to Columbia University in New York as a post-doctoral researcher. I started this current position in 2021. During my time at Columbia University, I presided over an association of young researchers, bringing together a total of 4,000 participants from around the world and creating an interdisciplinary network of researchers. Experiencing the dynamism at one of the world's top institutions of higher education, I developed a strong sense of the impending crisis in Japan's academia, and aspired to create an innovative mechanism for industry-academia collaboration that will enable Japan to keep producing cutting edge technologies.

Research achievements

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