(Report) KGRI Mini-Symposium: (Dec.13, 2019) "Preparation against Seasonal Infections in Winter: Countermeasure against Infectious Diseases at the view point of Tokyo Olympic"


"Mini Symposium Winter Measures against Infectious Diseases" had been held from 10:00 to 12:00 on December 13th. Participants(14 persons) had been explained about the situation in vaccines industries, infectious safety and security management, the problem in countermeasures against infectious diseases from the multi- viewpoint, mainly influenza. These arguments made the safety and security against infectious diseases fragile .

This symposium has been pointed out following things,
1. In vaccine, Pharmaceutical affair s law does not work for its production, because this law would be suitable to chemical products not to biologicals.
2. It would be important in the security against infectious diseases to construct the concept " supply chain security".
3. We would need the third measure other than vaccine and medicine as countermeasure against infectious disease such as "Pyrethloid Net" .


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S19-06 "The Study for Structuring Countermeasures on International Relationship and Medical Defense Against Globalization of Infectious Diseases

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