KGRI Mini-Symposium: (Dec.13, 2019) "Preparation against Seasonal Infections in Winter: Countermeasure against Infectious Diseases at the view point of Tokyo Olympic"


On the seasonal Infections in Japan, we are now in extraordinal situation. Seasonal Influenza already begins in September. Two Dengue were found at two places in Japan as located case. For countermeasure against infections, most of vaccine would be in shortfall and medicine would be in same situation. It would show our Bio-Defense system in Japan would be bankrupt. In the case of Tokyo Olympic, Bio-Security would be in crisis by huge movement of persons. Therefore it would be helpful to construct bio-security systems in Tokyo Olympic for us to consider about preparation against this seasonal winter infections. We would like to discuss about Bio-defense system in this symposium, including AMR (anti-microbe resistant), which is problem not only on the earth but also in outer space.

Date & time: Friday, December 13, 10:00-12:00 (Open 9:30)
Venue: G-Lab, 6F East Research Building, Mita Campus, Keio University
Host: Keio University Global Research Institute's Security Initiative "Aoki" Project
Language:Japanese (No simultaneous interpretation provided.)
Other: No admission fee, Open to anyone

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The Study for Structuring Countermeasures on International Relationship and Medical Defense Against Globalization of Infectious Diseases"

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