[Information] CPS Center: Digital Identity Study Group "Identity as Intellectual Property" (May 13, 2023)


In recent years, there are still some cases where entertainers are prevented from using their stage names, group names or even their real names due to disputes with related parties.

In the United States, the right of publicity has been interpreted analogously to copyright law. Recent scholarship, however, argues for limiting the right by reference to privacy and trademark.

The use of aliases and avatars by cyberspace influencers further complicates matters. This workshop will address several aspects of the legal protection of identities as intellectual property.

Speakers: Takuto Hirasawa (Fukuoka University)・Tatsuyuki Suemune (Kinjo Gakuin University)
Emcee: Kunifumi Saito (Keio University)

Host: Cyber-Physical Sustainability Center
Date & Time: Saturday, May 13, 2023 | 14:00-17:00
Method: Zoom Webinar
Language: Japanese
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※This event is supported by JST Moonshot R&D Project with the Grant Number JPMJMS2215.

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