Richard L. Armitage (Keio University Honorary Doctor) visits Professor David Farber


On Thursday, May 30, Mr. Richard L. Armitage visited the Keio Global Research Institute (KGRI), which has entered its third year of operations, for the implementation of the "Richard Lee Armitage Commemorative Program: Building New Foundations for a Robust Japan-United States Relationship" (Armitage Program). The Project Leader for the Armitage Program is Motohiro Tsuchiya, Vice Director of the Keio University Global Research Institute (KGRI) and Professor at the Graduate School of Media and Governance.

Mr. Armitage had an informal audience with Professor David Farber, Distinguished Professor and Co-Director of the Cyber Civilization Research Center, which has been established within KGRI. The Project Leader for the Cyber Civilization Research Center is Jiro Koruryo, one of Keio University's Vice-Presidents and Professor at the Faculty of Policy Management.

Mr. Armitage and Professor David Farber

From left: Professor David Farber, Mr. Richard Armitage (Former US Deputy Secretary of State), Ms. Kara Bue (Former Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State)

Photo: Susumu Ishito

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