KGRI Lecture Series: (Dec.21, 2018) "The Internet Balancing Formula"


The Keio University Global Research Institute (KGRI) aims to promote international research and educational exchange and invites those working in the forefront of research and education in Japan and overseas to give lectures.

On this occasion, Dr. Mart Susi, Professor of Human Rights Law at Tallinn University will give a lecture titled "The Internet Balancing Formula."

Date & time: Friday, December 21, 16:00-18:00 (Open 15:30)
Venue: East Research Building, "5F meeting room ", Mita Campus, Keio University
Co-Host: Keio University Global Research Institute's Security Initiative,
     Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) 17K03357

Capacity: 30 persons
Language: English (No simultaneous interpretation provided)
Open to researchers and graduate students.
    No admission fee, Pre-registration not required.

Summary of Lecture:
The Internet Balancing Formula is a mathematical instrument to increase the rational and transparent aspects of balancing conflicting human rights online. It is based on the relative weight and intensity of conflicting rights - right to privacy versus freedom of expression, the numerical value of these rights is arrived due to applying mathematical scales to various input elements. This Internet Balancing Formula is easy to use and could be applied globally by private online stakeholders who make their platforms available for uploading user-generated content. This Formula is based on the Weight Formula developed by German scholar Robert Alexy, professor Susi has introduced novel aspects for its application online. Since professor Alexy has now entered into debate with professor Susi regarding this formula, one can expect global attention to this debate. Both Alexy and Susi are of the opinion that such formula is highly needed to respond to the theoretical and practical uncertainties and divergent practices of online stakeholders. It should also increase the social responsibility of online stakeholders.

Professor Mart Susi has MA degree in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) and doctor Juris degree from the University of Tartu (Estonia). He has held senior positions in several academic institutions. Currently, he is heading the law program at Tallinn University and has the position of Professor of Human Rights Law.
Professor Susi has initiated several European level research networks exploring human rights in the digital domain and the matter of emergence of new human rights. He is the editor-in-chief of newly established East European Yearbook of Human Rights. Professor Susi is frequently speaking in front of various academic and professional audiences about the impact of Internet on human rights law. He is sole or co-editor of many academic books and has recently won the competition to edit a special edition of the European Law Journal on Internet and human rights law.


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