(Report) KGRI Lecture Series: (Apr.12, 2018) "Development and Controlling Materials' Surface Functionality by Laser Micro/Nano 3D Structuring"


The lecture by Prof. Lin Li was held on April 12 (Thursday), 2018 in Yagami Campus, Keio University. Prof. Li is an elected Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, and the Director of Laser Processing Research Centre at The University of Manchester.

The title of his lecture was "Development and Controlling Materials' Surface Functionality by Laser Micro/Nano 3D Structuring". In the lecture, Prof. Li introduced new advances in material surface functionalities by laser generation of 2D and 3D micro/nano structures. The topics included the control of wettability, optical properties, aerodynamic properties, and bio-compatibility of the material surfaces. The applications of these surface structures for data storage, security, medical implants, vacuum cleaners, light emission, solar energy harvesting, bone implants, coronary stents, bonding and adhesion, and antibacterial surfaces were described. Prof. Li also introduced the University of Manchester and emphasized the role of university-industry collaboration in engineering research. About 30 people including professors, graduate students and undergraduate students attended the lecture. After the lecture, active discussions were made where Prof. Li answered some questions raised from the audience and exchanged opinions on research with the Keio students.


Event outline

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Prof. Jiwang YAN (E-mail: yan@mech.keio.ac.jp)