About KGRI

Keio University Global Research Institute (KGRI) was established in November 2016 as a result of an expansive reorganization of the existing Keio University Global Security Research Institute (G-SEC), and as a base to facilitate the further globalization of the university to become an international research university that can make positive contributions to the world.

Keio University was selected for the Top Global University Project by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in 2014 as one of Japan's top universities providing a world-class level of research and education. Under the project, and in line with Yukichi Fukuzawa's founding principles, the university is striving to enhance the sustainability of global society through jitsugaku (science). It has created three research initiatives of Longevity, Security, Creativity, to facilitate interdisciplinary research and will build on its strength as a comprehensive university in which research in a wide range of disciplines from the social sciences to the natural sciences is carried out.

As the base for the three initiatives, KGRI will work closely with the related educational and research departments within the university to promote interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research and disseminate the findings to the world.

Research projects under these three initiatives are being carried out at KGRI. Researchers specializing in not just one but multiple disciplines participate in each project pursuing transdisciplinary research. By applying specialized, cutting-edge research conducted at the undergraduate faculties and graduate schools in an interdisciplinary way, the university is seeking to find solutions to various social issues.

KGRI is where Keio's leading research, education, and society converge. It is also a platform on which interdisciplinary research is actively in progress, where next-generation researchers are developed and produced, and from which research findings are shared within and outside Japan with the goal of contributing to sustainable development.

Message from the Director

When asked "What is KGRI?" it is difficult to give a clear answer. KGRI is where the most advanced research is being pursued, and it is ever-growing and ever― changing. Its task is to take the rich tapestry of research in the new era-which interweaves a vast amount of research projects including those under Keio's three global initiatives of Longevity, Security, and Creativity, and those conducted across the university―and hoist it up high for all to see.

The mission of KGRI is threefold.

Firstly, KGRI will work to increase the effectiveness of research projects.It will provide a supportive framework for each project funded by an internal or external research grant, and develop and support new projects that can contribute to the sustainability of global society. We are also looking to establish more world-level research hubs.

Secondly, KGRI will make research projects more visible. Current research and findings at Keio will be edited into web content for the recently renewed Keio University website to make it more appealing to a wider global audience. It will promote highly promising research projects overseas by proactively organizing workshops and offering support.

Thirdly, KGRI will propose a new transdisciplinary research platform. Conducting "interdisciplinary" research and research that "integrates the humanities and sciences" are typical examples of concepts that are easier said than done. We are looking beyond the campus and departments, and beyond specialty fields and the framework of industry-government-academia. We are exploring new approaches to scholarship which does not indulge in fixed ideas and stereotypes, and we welcome new ideas and intellectual discussions. "Transdisciplinary" in the truest sense is an approach that takes us on an exciting and adventurous path, and we invite you to come with us.

Director Keigo Komamura
Keio University Global Research Institute

Keio's Global Initiatives

Keio has integrated its strengths to form the transdisciplinary research and education initiatives of Longevity, Security, and Creativity. The global nature of these initiatives presents us with opportunities to strengthen collaborative ties with the international community through joint research and academic exchange with world-leading universities. Keio's global initiatives will contribute to a sustainable, secure, and highly creative world where people live better, longer lives.

Our Three Global Initiatives Across the Disciplines